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For February, 2006

I would like to do a composite student show during the month of February in the student Gallery of Emeritus College, 2nd St., Santa Monica.

This show would include watercolors painted in my "Plein Aire" Watercolor Class during the Fall Semester of 2005.  All of these paintings were done on site at the Santa Monica Beach, around the Boardwalk, the Pier and the beach area.  These paintings make up a group, which, to my knowledge, has not been done before.  The paintings, when viewed together, give a beautiful picture of our beach area

My plan is to put the paintings together, much in the style of David Hockney, to show a complete picture of an area, rather than highlighting  each individual's work.  They would be hung much like a quilt, where each painting is a part of the whole.  The paintings would not be framed, but would be grouped together, sometimes touching each other, depending upon how the paintings work together.  Hopefully, this grouping would cover a good part of a long wall.

On another, shorter wall, I would like to make a composite of photographs I took during that period of time, which include some of the sites and the students painting at these sites.

I think this would be a very different looking show, and very interesting, especially to visitors and Santa Monica residents.  The students in this class, for the most part, are professional artists, and their paintings are especially wonderful.

I will try to get some very good press and other PR, stressing Emeritus College and their courses.  This is a model program, and shows what can be done in a city to keep people healthy and vital in their senior years.

I will be meeting my students on Wednesday, Feb. 4, and, at that time, they will bring all of the paintings done in the Fall Semester.  My plan is to lay them out on the floor and arrange a wall that works together.  Depending upon how they look together, I will devise a hanging plan.  Possibly they will be affixed directly to the wall with push pins (which will leave some marks on the wall but can easily be filled in after the show).  If that is not possible, I will mount the paintings to a sub-surface, and hang that surface just like a painting.


I am hoping to use the Gallery in the month of February, as, to my knowledge, there are no plans at the moment.


                                                  Sincerely, Susan Weinberg  - instructor



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