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Watercolors that document "Beach Life" in Santa Monica and Venice
After The Storm Bagel the Beagle Big Dean's blue sky pier Carousel
carousel construction Carousel Lights Carousel Horses At Night Carousel and Steve early morning run
Empty Beach With Birds Girl Eating Hot Dog girl and lion toy girl silhouette on pier little girl under pier
gorilla on the beach Harbor Sign Lee and friends Life Guard Tower house palisades road
love buggy love buggy and walk Moby's Dock Mural Skaters our street
our street pizza our street with Bill pizzaria police bikes silhouette man on pier skater in front of mural
Tad And Laura On The Beach The Georgian pier 1979 The Seacastle  
Hand-Painted-Fabrics used for all kinds of interior design work
Chair & Stripe Fabric Bag Chair Marbleized Stripe Marbelized  
Velvet Orchids Iris Leaves Renaissance Santa Monica Surf
Shells & Stripes Wm Morris Leaves Woven Silk Stripes Orchid Detail Italiaan Renaissance
Original oil and mixed media paintings on canvas stretchers
Big Rock 1 of 5 panels Birth & Rebirth Cascade Copper Abstraction We All Stand Alone
Hearts & Flowers Waterfall White Mountain Secret Pool  
Rashid Green Pool Magnolia    
Susan has proposed doing more watercolors based on what the Pier and Boardwalk look like today
The Georgian - 2010 Palisades Road Aquarium Carousel Lights Rusty's
The Station Sightseeing Pier Carts The Arcade Pacific Park
Trapeze School Ready To Fly Steps More Steps Cabbie Cabbie
Down The Ramp Night Falling Road Closed A Closer Look Our Police Station
On The Beach Contemplation Under The Pier Step Up Infinity Studio
Carousel Cafe Walking Up My Building Walkway In The Sand Arcade at Sunse
Churros Homeless Sunset Over Bubba Gump's Sunset Over The Rock Shop The Telescope
Morning Parade My Patio View      




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