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Introductory class for the 2005 fall semester

Location -
Memorial Park just west of Lowe's Hotel - between the hotel and the Boardwalk. This area is grassy, cool and comfortable. Students might want an umbrella to stick into the ground. The site includes Italian style colonnades and low walls surrounding a nice size patio with trees, planters, and flowers, an ochre colored building to the north, a small gardener's house with vines running up the building, Lowe's Hotel in the background, a small children's park to the side, construction to the south of a condo building (right now it is all welded steel, very beautiful), a bicycle and skate shop on the Boardwalk, people going by on skates, bicycles, scooters, people movers (segue), dogs, and, of course, the trees and beach beyond.

Subject matter of beginning discussion - Big artist question? WHAT DO I DRAW? THERE IS SO MUCH TO SEE. Teacher starts out talking about what different people see when they are out. Talk will begin about perspective and flat painting. The students will chime in and pretty soon everybody will be excited about WHAT they are going to paint. Teacher will stress WHAT, not HOW. Hopefully we can have a very small beginning discussion about different styles, your own natural style and how to find it, and what makes a painting VALID. Teacher will talk about taking breaks and looking at what you have. Also, the value of some thumbnail sketches, color notes, any words to bring back the experience if they want to continue at home. At this point, teacher wants to get to know each student, his/her name and a little about the artist's background.

Fall Semester 2005

Aug. 31 - Introductory Meeting - Memorial Park

Sept. 07 - Loew's Hotel Park - just west of Loew's Hotel

Sept. 14 - on the west side of Casa del Mar, on the Boardwalk

Sept. 21 - Colonnade Park - north of Casa del Mar, above parking lot, below Ocean Ave

Sept. 28 - On the sand, just South of the Pier, down at the water's edge, and perhaps under the Pier

October 05 - In Pacific Park, on the Pier

October 12 - At the Chess Park, on the Boardwalk, on the corner of Seaside and the Boardwalk

October 19 - On the Pier, at the end where people go fishing

October 26 - On the green, and/or on the bleacher steps next to the children's playground around muscle beach, near the bike shop

November 02 - The park running north and south, along Ocean Ave., south of Casa del Mar, up above the parking lots

November 09 - Loew's Hotel Park - just west of Loew's Hotel

November 16 - On the west side of Casa del Mar, on the Boardwalk

November 23 - Colonnade Park - north of Casa del Mar, above parking lot, below Ocean Ave

November 30 - On the sand, just South of the Pier, down at the water's edge

December 07 - On the sand, just North of the Pier, down at the water's edge

December 14 - On the sand, just South of the Pier, down at the water's edge

Winter 2005/2006 semester begins:

January 04 - Douglas Park at 25th Street and Wilshire, craft room #9012

January 11 - Palisades Park - Arizona Street and Ocean Ave

January 18 - Palisades Park - Arizona Street and Ocean Ave

January 25 - Palisades Park - Arizona Street and Ocean Ave

Note: in the event of rain, meet in front of Susan Weinberg's studio

We will work inside the merry-go-round or one of the local restaurants

Please call if you do not expect to come out in the rain.

Note: RAINY DAYS  - meet INSIDE  the Merry-go-Round at the Santa Monica Pier

 Fall Semester 2006

AUGUST 30 - Emeritus College art gallery -  1227 2nd St., Santa Monica

                              Distribution of itinerary, finding locations on the maps,

                              discussion of equipment to use for "plein-aire" painting, and

                              discussions in general of things to think about.

September 6 & 13 - "The Rose Cafe". 220 Rose St., Venice

                              Parking behind restaurant free l hour, also street parking

                              Meet inside patio just off parking lot

September 20 & 27 - The Fairmont-Miramar Hotel - 101 Wilshire, Santa Monica

                              Parking in public lot next to Emeritus - 1 hr free                               

                              Meet inside courtyard  of Miramar under large fig tree

October 4 & 11 -       3rd St. Promenade - Wilshire and 3rd St.

                              Parking in public lot south of Emeritus - 1 hr free

                              Meet on corner of 3rd and Wilshire under dinosaur

October 18 & 25 -     Gazebo on Ocean Ave south of Idaho and north of the incline SM

                              5 hr metered parking on  Ocean Ave.

                              Meet near very large  gazebo

November 1 & 8 -     Casa del Mar Colonade Park - on the south side of the hotel

                             and just above the parking lot. Santa Monica

                             Parking in lot just south  of  Casa el Mar - free with pass

November 15 & 22 - The Huntley Hotel and surroundings - 2nd & California across the

                             street and diagonal from the Miramar (a very interesting corner) 

                             Park in Emeritus lot and meet on the corner of the Huntley

November 29 & December 6 - Main St. - Heritage Museum at Ocean Park Santa Monica

                             Free parking in museum lot

                             Meet at museum

December 13 - Loew's Hotel Colonade Park - just below the hotel

                             free parking in city lots if you have a pass, also street pkg.

NOTE TO STUDENTS;  This semester we will be using a site for two (2) consecutive weeks.  This will enable students to become acquainted with the site, photograph, make preliminary sketches  and prepare for a more complicated painting. 

We will be concentrating on Historic Sites in Santa Monica (for the most part)  right now, and then next semester will move on to Venice, the Marina, and possibly Playa del Rey. 

The Miramar is excited to have us.  They are looking for a new logo of the Fig Tree to use for one of their cards.   Also, the PR director is writing an article about us to put into their National newsletter.

I am hoping that we will become known in the area for being "that painting group which is going around painting landmarks".  I have some shows lined up for us, and some ideas on making prints of some of our work to put in various businesses and office buildings  in Santa Monica.  We will discuss this as time goes on.

We will always meet at the end of the session (about 11:15 or so) to show our work and have some "show and tell".  I will set up certain sessions  (at a later time) for a more complete critique.  After we are set up, I will begin painting along with you, and will demonstrate techniques or anything else you need to learn.  Just talk to me.

Have fun - enjoy being outside with friends, and enjoy your painting.

I am looking forward to a great semester. 

Spring 2007 semester begins:

February 14, 2007 – 1st meeting only – Emeritus College Gallery – 1227 2nd St. – Santa Monica

1st   4 week period – February 21 – March 14

WEST END OF WINDWARD  AVE. VENICE – parking in Venice Blvd. lot – north end of lot

Meet under Mark de Suervo statue – west end of Windward Ave. nearest to ocean

Rainy days – meet at Sidewalk Cafι – on the boardwalk just north of Windward

Possible sites: Feb. 21 – area around children’s playground, Bill Attaway ceramic Sculpture, waves crashing over rocks

Feb. 28 – graffiti walls, trees and walks, skateboard park

Mar.  7 -  muscle pit, basketball courts, paddle tennis courts, take-out food stands

Mar. 14 – Sidewalk Cafι and surroundings

2nd   4 week period – March 21 – April 11

VENICE CANALS – parking in paid lot on S. Venice Blvd., on the surrounding streets, on Dell Ave. just north of Washington St., or on Ocean Ave. in between Washington and Venice Blvd.

Meet on bridge – corner of Linnie Canal and Dell

Rainy days – meet at Susan’s studio – 1605 1/2 Ocean Front Walk, SM   (310) 392-5042

Possible sites:  Mar. 21 – east end of Linnie Canal

Mar. 28 – corner of Carroll Canal and Grand Canal

Apr.   4  - corner of Howland Canal and Bridge at Dell Ave.

Apr.  11 – east end of Sherman Canal

3rd   4 week period – April 18 – May  9

SM beach just west of Palisades Park, in between Pacific Coast Hwy and the bike path – a series of parking lots north and south of the incline.

Possible sites: Apr. 18 – Back on the Beach restaurant – 445 Pacific Coast Hwy just No. of the incline

Apr. 25 – Perry’s Beachfront Cafι – 930 Pacific Coast Hwy – just So.of the incline

May   2 -  Will Rogers Beach – at the bottom of Temescal- No. end of lot

May   9 – Overpass at 810 Pacific Coast Hwy parking lot – just so. Of the incline

4th   4 week period – May 16 – June 6

The Miramar Hotel – parking in Emeritus city lot on 2nd St.

Possible sites:   May 16 –outdoor restaurant with waterfalls

May 23 – gate on Wilshire Blvd.

May 30  - garden around fig tree

June 6 –  small cottages on west side of courtyard

Summer Semester 2007

This summer the session will be quite short - 5 weeks only - one week off due to the 4th of July.

In the Emeritus brochure, there is no mention of where the first class will be held.  Therefore, I am writing this letter to advise you of what will be going on this summer.

We will meet each session in front of my studio on the Boardwalk.  The address is printed above.  My studio is located ON the Boardwalk, directly in front of the Merry-go-Round and the Ocean Discovery Center.  Parking is available in the big lot directly to the north of the Pier.  There are also meters available, and a pay lot on the corner of Appian Way and Seaside.  The large lot accepts disabled and senior passes, and the parking is free in that case.

Up to this point I have been stressing "site specific" paintings.  This summer I want to approach the painting a little bit different.  We will concentrate on "hidden places", or "precious moments".  We will stay around my studio for the 5 week period.  The parking is good, my bathroom is available, food is available, and there are plenty of places to paint.

We will meet in front of my studio at 9:00, have a brief discussion, possibly a "show and tell" of work done the previous week, and then disperse to the painting locations.  It will be very helpful if you can be ON TIME.  I know this is difficult for many of you, but it makes everything so much easier all the way around.

At the end of this letter I will suggest 5 places that we might use as sites for painting.  But, it is also possible for you to choose your own sites, keeping within 2 blocks of my studio so that I can get around to all of you.  This will make it possible for some of you to do more comprehensive work, and go back to a location as many times as needed.

Also, it is possible for me to make arrangements to paint INSIDE  the Merry-go-Round, and INSIDE the Ocean Discovery Center.  An artist has just painted murals all around the Discovery Center - a beautiful blue background with undersea life all over.  This would be beautiful to paint.

For the beginners, it is possible for me to do more teaching from my studio.  My equipment is available, as well as my library.  I know that there will be some people in the class who have NEVER PAINTED IN THEIR LIFE.  With these people, I will begin at the beginning and teach them about paper, brushes, paints, and start them at the very beginning.  They might want to stay on my front patio, or the back patio, and get into this "plein-aire" painting gradually.

Fall Semester 2007

l.  August 29 – 1st meeting at my studio – 1605 1/2 Ocean Front Walk – 310-392-5042

2. September 5 – Self Realization Center ,  3 blocks up Sunset Blvd.  from the highway. Use the bottom parking lot. –meet in the lot. Note: those people using the bus should make arrangements with someone to be picked up at the bottom of Sunset at a particular time, because it is too long a walk up Sunset.

3. September 12 – Topanga Canyon Blvd. at Pacific Coast Highway – at the bottom where there is a furniture outdoor market.

4. September 19 – Adamson House – at Malibu Creek Rd. and Pacific Coast Highway, on the west side.  There is a parking fee, so perhaps some people would like to carpool

5. September 26 – Malibu Country Market = meet at Tony’s Taverna – just east of Pacific Coast Highway , 1 block south of  Malibu Creek Rd.

6   October 3 -. Douglas Park, Santa Monica – 25th and Wilshire – metered parking on side streets – meet inside park just north of Wilshire near the recreation building

7.  October 10 - Reed Park, Santa Monica – Lincoln and Wilshire – meet in front of Miles Playhouse, on Lincoln just north of Wilshire – metered parking.

8. October 17 – Goose Egg Park , Santa Monica – 700 block of Palisades Ave, , 1 blk, north of Montana – note: no bathroom.

9. October 24 – UNDER the Pier just north of the compactor (side view of highway and plantings)

10. October 31 – Temescal Canyon Park, Temescal and Sunset, Pacific Palisades – parking just above Sunset – note:  there will be a little walk from the parking lot.

11.   November  7 -  Serra Retreat – Malibu – up a long road just east of Pacific Coast Highway – note: possible carpool

12.  November 14 – Under the stairs and behind the Merry-go-round – Santa Monica

13.  November 21 – Self-Realization Center – Pacific Palisades (same as above)

14.  November 28 - Plant Nursery – bottom of Entrada Road at Pacific Coast Highway

15.  December 4 -  Adamson House (same as above)

16.  December 11 – Santa Monica Pier – Bubba Gumps Restaurant on the pier



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