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                   EMERITUS COLLEGE – summer 2009


Master Class – all media

#9728 – 9:00 am-11:50 aWednesdays

Experience the joy of painting outdoors along side of master painters.  Join an ongoing group of artists, some of whom have been painting together for over 15 years.  Beginners to “plein aire-painting” especially benefit from painting with this group.  Emphasis is placed on painting “site specific” pieces along the beachfront from Malibu, through the Palisades and Santa Monica, to Venice , Marina del Rey  and Playa del Rey.  We cover historical sites and areas to undergo renovation, as well as hotels, restaurants, and unusual hidden little places.

                   SYLLABUS & COURSE OVERVIEW

This group consists of people who are very much into their art.  Some of them are professional artists, coming from all aspects of art, such as corporate work, animation, photography, teaching, professional painting, etc.  Some of them are people from other professions, who always wanted to be artists, and never could because they had to make a living for their families.  And still others know “absolutely nothing about art”, and always wanted to be able to see through artist’s eyes and be able to create something all their own.

This is a rare opportunity for our seniors to try something that they have always wanted to try, and were afraid to do.  The support and knowledge of the group is amazing.  From them you will learn all about equipment, where to buy it, what works for you and doesn’t work for you, how to transport your equipment, and, most especially, will learn how different artists “see” and feel about their work.

As the instructor, I arrange the sites, and work with each student individually, taking them from where they are to their next step in their development.  One of the most important things for an artist to learn and understand is that “each one is on his or her own path, and their painting, at the time, reflects the path that they are on”.

In this course we study other “plein aire” California artists, along with the MASTERS.  I encourage looking at other people’s art in as many ways as possible from books and shows and museums to next-door neighbors.  My goal with the students is to open eyes to the beauty of the world as I see it, and to encourage them to express what they see inside and outside of themselves.

I do not demonstrate weekly as such, but will work with individuals demonstrating to them what they, in particular, need to know at the moment.  We also arrange for each student, at one time or another during the semester, to demonstrate his/her own techniques to the class.


Because this is primarily a “plein-aire” class, the sites vary according to the weather.  We keep a site for 2 weeks in a row, and during bad weather, will meet in my studio to work inside, where we have the opportunity to use my projectors to capture images for further work at home and also are able to watch films on other artists at work.

In the morning we meet as a group. discuss whatever has to be discussed, look at reference books, discuss art shows, share paintings we have recently finished, get help on paintings with problems, oftentimes learn something new, and in general, keep up the camaraderie.  After about 30-45 minutes, we disperse and set down to paint..

Some people like to sit alone so they have uninterrupted concentration, some people like to work in small groups or pairs, some like to sketch and/or photograph and mainly paint at home from reference material, some like to do sketchbook drawings and/or paintings and keep everything together in a book, some paint big and some paint small.  ANYTHING GOES..  The main requisite is a love of art and individual expression.

Concerning media – again – anything goes.  Many people love watercolors, but others have different preferences.  I encourage all media, and am always ready to experiment.

 I encourage students to put away work that does not satisfy them, and come back at another time.  Time changes our perception of everything, and something which was ugly and unfinished one day has new possibilities on another day.

When we paint at a famous site, very often our work is bought by that site for use in one of their cards or for some other use.  This is important validation for everyone as an artist,  regardless of how long hey have been painting.

We always promote Emeritus College and the wonderful work that it is doing.  This school creates excitement, a feeling of family, and offers a wonderful place to go with constructive activities.  The classes keep us healthy ad happy, and give us a purpose for living.


The equipment will vary according to each individual student.  Some small bag or carrying case of some kind which will allow you to walk with ease is an absolute necessity.  Some students use wheel carts or luggage carts, and some prefer to carry everything in a bag.  The papers, boards and paints will vary with each student.  Sometimes it is as simple as a small pad and one pen, and sometimes as complicated as large paper, an easel and a full complement of pains and brushes, and/or anything in between.  The choice is individual.

Good walking shoes are essential, as well as an umbrella or hat of some kind, sunglasses, possibly an extra sweater, small rag or towel, and possibly some extra socks.   In lieu of that, shade can always be found.


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