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In appreciation of her students and collaborators we are pleased to be showcasing some of the work of Drew (Broderik) Hill, also known as Richard Hutchins. This online show began toward the end of March in 2010 and is scheduled to run for an indefinite period.

All of us here at Infinity Studio are pleased to present this gifted artist and tell you something about him and his life with Susan. It is a worderful story since like Susan he had always wanted to paint but never before had the means to pursue this internal passion. Susan had the same passion and also had to wait many years until she could give this artistic force inside her some expression. Now it is his turn.

Drew (Broderik) Hill Celebrity Artist

Drew (Richard) working in Infinity Studio

Some years ago Drew (aka Richard Hutchens) held the position of artist in residence at Infinity Studio. He was working with Susan on a number of projects, including his Jimmi Hendrix Blue Series, until mid November, 2009. We capped of this collaboration with a private show. Artists such as Bernard Hoyes joined us to celebrate the successful production of an amazing body of work that was available in a wide range of formats. Some of the photos from the show are presented here. Click to see an enlarged photo.

Since then he experienced an unexpected set back and had to spend some time in jail. After he got out he became homeless again. Susan met him when he was on the street back in 2006. She invited him into Infinity Studio, lifted him up, and nurtured his artistic talent. By 2007 he had produced a number of quite stunning paintings. Susan housed and sponsored him. She showed his work in Infinity Studio and in other venues. Since his release from jail and Susan's death he has had a hard time but things are changing for this gifted artist. Another sponser has taken an interest in him and his work. CNN reported in August, 2021 that Charlie Jabaley is now managing and promoting his carrer. What an opertunity has opened up. We at Infinity Studio wish him well.

Susan was pleased to work with him, to develope his abilities. She always knew that his artistic interest and instinct just needed some outlet and with some guidance he blossomed under her tutelege. Susan would be proud of him and glad that he is still painting and gaining recognition.

Conversation  Agression Progression Prints from the show

Drew and Susan ready for the show  Our Wine Hostess  Bernard Hoyes -- Artist  Presenting Hendrix

Artists Profile

For 35 years, Drew (Richard) has been immortalizing his heroes on canvas. These include musicians such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Jimi Hendrix, Janet Jackson Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Barbra Streisand. Included among his sports heros are Jim Brown, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Serena Williams.

Although he has never received formal training, as Susan had at Otis Art Institute, he is a very gifted artist. Others have and still are recognising his talant. Even Supreme Court Justice Marshall owns one of his paintings. Being self taught he had not exhibited much until now but was able to show in Southern California as an artist in residence here at Infinity Studio.

His work is amazing. The envelopes he produced while in jail were so well done. Susan wanted to promote his work but things got in the way. Now he has a second chance and Susan would wish him well.

Drew's (Hutchins) life experience has been rich and has supplied many themes for his work.  He has come into contact with many celebrities. Burt Reynolds, Marvin Gaye, Muhammad Ali, and Richard Pryor.

An artist needs to have a visceral feeling about his work. The school of hard knocks can teach some powerful lesions. Drug abuse, alcohol addiction and misuse of steroids is not uncommon in the world of sports. In Drew’s case he has harnessed this power and transferred it into his paintings. He is interested in African themes and the different ways that young people enter adulthood.

Having both lived in mansions and felt the cold of the streets he is unusually able to comprehend the vastness of the human experience and this is reflected in his work.

Drew has something he wants to say in his work. He says it passionately in paint on canvas. The work he produced while at Infinity Studio, during his collaboration with Susan, is now available in book form and giclee prints. You can order the prints in standard and custom sizes. Contact us for the particulars. You will soon be able to have a look at some of his other work in the "Students" pages and see for yourself the amazing way he can capture the essence of his sports heroes and the musical artists that have done so much to improve his world. Other life themes are highlighted here but you must see for yourself to understand what we at Infinity Studio see in them.


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