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Introducing Briana Latrisse. She lives and works in New York but did some of her work in Infinity Studio in 2012.

When Infinity Studio was started in 1977, Susanís idea was to promote and execute the arts in as many ways as possible. She has had many different kinds of artists working in the studio.

This show was unique because not only were finished peaces shown but Briana was working on unfinished ones too while the visitors watched. So the Artist painted and interacted with guests. She answered questions and demonstrated tichnique, just as Susan had anticipated.

Frequently Briana stopped working to share her insight. She did not mind that she had paint on her hands. She loves what she does and wanted to share the experience.

Some of the guests are Artists.
Bernard Hoys, a long time friend of Susan's and acclamed artist, enjoys talking shop. Briane found this discussion to be informative. Artist are always looking for new and interesting techniques. Others could not directly participate but enjoyed brousing and learning something how artwork is produced.

This surreal piece is entitled Mud Flats. What does it mean? What emotions is it intended to evoke? This is for the viewer to determine. Of course the guests could ask Briana, but that might spoil the fun of personal discovery.

This interesting painting is self explainitory, isn't it? How often do we see this image? Maybe more often that you might think at first thought. What if the colors were in shades of green and black?

The stark imagery in this piece bring bleak thoughts to mind. Do not be disturbed by it. Think about it. What else does it portray to you. This is the point of viewing art. The painting is what it is but what does it mean to you?

It was an interesting experience to bring Artists and those interesting in art together for a working show. The unfinished pieces came along nicely and will soon be ready to ship back to Briana's studio.

After the artwork was placed for final viewing the guests were invited to enjoy some live music specially arranged for this event. Everyone involved had a good time and Susan was glad to have enabled this show.
Briana Latrisse - Artist    Briana Working

        Bernard and Briana
                                             Bernard and Briana

        Painting: Mud Flat
                                                      Mud Flats

        Painting: Pyramids

        Painting: Tree Cliff
                                                    Tree Cliff

        Briana's Works
                                              Assorted Works

        The After Party
                                                The After Party


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